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Apartment for Rent in Greeley CO

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Greeley CO? There are many listings available online but finding the best option may be harder than you think. 365 Real Property Management is a quality property management company in Greeley, Colorado. We offer a full suite of services to help you find the right apartment. Here’s how you can find the best apartment for rent in Greeley CO.

Finding the best apartment for rent in Greeley CO

There are many ways to find the best apartment for rent.  The first thing to do is search online for available properties and come up with a shortlist to narrow down your options. After doing this comes the harder part of your search, which is to make sure that what is listed and advertised is the same when you visit the place. This can be painstaking and can cost you a significant amount of time to do due diligence. We at 365 Real Property Management make sure that our rental properties meet our client’s expectations. To find the right apartment for you, you should consider these things:


This may not be first on some people’s lists but keeping this in mind can help you choose the right apartment for you. Check out what amenities or features to expect with certain rates. Compare and contrast properties that fit your budget and have the features you need. Certain locations will also have an average rate for apartments and keeping this in mind can help you narrow your search.


Is the location of the apartment convenient for your needs? Greeley, Colorado is a big city that has everything you need but being in close proximity to what’s important to you gives you the luxury to do what you are passionate about. If being outdoors is important to your lifestyle then consider living near walking trails. Or if you live a fast-paced life that needs to have everything you need at your fingertips then choose a location close to shops, stores, and restaurants. Your location is also important for your safety and security. Make sure the location of your apartment works for you and fits your desired safety level.

Property Condition

Check if the apartment you will be renting is maintained properly. Rental properties should be maintained regularly since they tend to change tenants. Some tenants will take better care of the apartment than others. Your apartment should be in  good condition before you sign the contract. You should also know if your landlord can assist you with any required maintenance needs.

Paying with ease

Your rental apartment should have payment methods that are convenient to you and allow you to easily pay your rental fee. Check with your landlord about available ways to pay your rent.

Find the right apartment for rent in Greely CO by reaching out to 365 Real Property Management. We offer apartments for rent that fit your needs and offer desirable amenities. We also make sure our rental properties are properly managed and well-maintained. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to assist you.

365 Real Property Management is a quality property management company, located in Greeley, Colorado. We manage properties throughout Weld County so that landlords and tenants have peace of mind with their residences. We take care of our tenants and respond quickly to maintenance requests. We also provide HOA management.


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