Student Apartments in Greeley - Greeley Apartments for College Students

Greeley Apartments for College Students

It’s hard being a college student in a new town. What is especially hard in a college town like Greeley is learning who you can trust to take care of your student housing rental needs. When it is time to search for ‘Greeley Apartments for College Students,’ you’ll find 365 Real Property Management. Our professional team will treat you right. Call today to learn about our rentals and services: 970-506-0615.

Don’t let your Greeley apartment search turn into a horror story

There are so many college rentals in Greeley that you may feel overwhelmed. You’re the type who works hard to clean your place and keep it up so you can get your deposit back. You want to make sure your property manager doesn’t hold you responsible for a previous tenant’s issue. And frankly, a lot of companies work hard to ensure you never get your deposit returned.

Many people have tales like these and horror stories of moving into the wrong apartment or rental. In recent years, some Greeley renters learned that their water was going to be shut off because their management company didn’t pay their bills. Their management wasn’t even around to answer the notices. They just collected rent checks and forgot about the rest. It’s unconscionable. 

We specialize in Greeley Apartments for College Students

At 365RPM, our team of real estate management professionals takes their roles seriously. We are here for our tenants, and we don’t sweat the small stuff. If your window doesn’t shut, call us. If your refrigerator stops working, call. We have a team dedicated to maintenance 24 hours a day. Satisfied tenants are the foundation of our success and, when there is an apartment issue, our on-call maintenance staff is quickly on the job.

At 365RPM we are a family, and we know how important it is to ensure college students have a safe and functional student housing. Many of us have students of our own who are in the same boat, and we wouldn’t want them taken advantage of during these important years. We want to house our students in safe, functional, and well-kept homes or apartments. Those are our marching orders. We manage homes and apartments for students throughout Greeley. If you’re attending Aims Community College, we have units on the west side of town. We have rentals near the University of Northern Colorado, as well.

Are you looking for your own unit? We have one-bedroom units to rent. Looking to pair up with a group of people? We have five-bedroom places to rent. We offer so many rental options, you may be surprised. Check out our available units.

We have several five-star reviews, as well. Here’s what Janelle Flores has to say: Amazing staff, you feel right at home the minute you walk into the office, a beautiful welcoming setting. I rented from them in the past many years ago, and now am currently renting from them again. I am very happy with 365 Real Property Management! Susie, Deanna & Bobby you ladies are amazing & all so helpful! Thank you!!”

We allow our tenants to pay in person or online. You can even apply for a specific rental online,  

Family-owned 365RPM is conveniently located in Greeley. We not only rent apartments, but homes, and you can count on us to manage your home if you’re off enjoying retirement or traveling for business.

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