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HOA vs. Property Management – What is the Difference?

The Management Trust gives a wonderful explanation of the two main differences between HOA vs. property management. One main difference is the client each is working for. HOA management firms work exclusively for homeowners associations and report to their boards.

Property management companies, by contrast, work for private companies or individuals who are renting their homes, regardless of whether it’s in an HOA. Property managers may represent one homeowner within the community or many, but they typically don’t work with the homeowners association itself.

Another key difference is their level of power. Property managers will have access to their designated property and likely a certain amount of power when it comes to the current tenant, but they have no power when it comes to the larger community the property resides in. They will have to follow the same rules and regulations for the property as every other resident, and they cannot enforce rules against other residents. An HOA management firm, on the other hand, is hired by the HOA board to help enforce rules and run day-to-day operations within the community. 

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365 RPM is your trusted property management company in Greeley to meet all your management needs.

Our office is conveniently located in Greeley, Colorado and we are happy to answer your questions by phone, online or walk-in basis. Our doors are always open to you! We employ full-time property management agents, an in-house accountant to handle monthly reconciliation and annual tax filings, experienced full-time maintenance employees for your property as well as contract labor maintenance personnel. This all means that you will have an entire team behind you to support your landlord endeavors. We provide HOA management as well as property management services.

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“We used 365 Property Management as our first property management company, and I feel like we hit the lottery. Not only was this our first time renting out a property we owned, but we were also doing so while moving out of state. To say we were nervous would be an understatement. Susie Hall and company worked hard to address our fears and ease our nerves. Within a few months, there was no question we had made the right decision. This company’s work ethic, communication, and professionalism is second to none. We couldn’t be happier, and would totally recommend them to anyone in the market for property management.” 

Now you know the answer to “HOA vs. Property Management – What is the difference?” and we are ready to help you with any of your HOA or property management needs. You can feel confident using your trusted property management company. You can also check out more of our wonderful Google reviews and hear about the experiences of our happy tenets and clients. 

365RPM was named the best property management company in Greeley by We have an A rating for reputation and an A+ rating for professionalism. Contact us so we can get your property managed as soon as possible. Located in Greeley, CO, we can also help you with your HOA needs. We are a cut above the rest! Give us a call at 970-506-0615.

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