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Looking For a House For Rent Near UNC?

Are you looking for a house to rent near UNC? Housing near the University of Northern Colorado is in high demand, and we are so happy we can help you find your next house to rent near UNCO. At 365 Real Property Management, we are experts in off-campus housing and Greeley apartments for college students. We know Greeley well, and wish to serve our clients with the best possible service. 

Top tips for finding a house to rent:

  1. Decide who you’re living with- Will you be living alone or with roommates? Both situations have pros and cons. Which is best for you? Make the decision and look for a place that will accommodate the number of people you’re wishing to live with.
  2. Figure out what your price range is – Deciding how much you can afford per month in rent is a big one. Whether or not you will be living alone or with roommates will impact your rent contribution significantly. What feels like a doable payment for your rent monthly? This is another important one to figure out before you start hunting for the perfect place. 
  3. Contact an expert in local rentals- We are a Greeley property management company that knows their stuff. We know the area, and what’s available, and will use our expertise to find you the very best fit. It’s always helpful to have support from an expert.
  4. Agree on the terms of a lease- Every lease is not created equal. Make sure that you review the requirements of the lease in every place you look to rent. Be sure that before you sign, they are terms you can agree with. Sometimes items on a lease are negotiable. You’re always welcome to ask questions and speak up if something doesn’t feel like a good fit.
  5. Determine your move in date- Will the space you’re looking into be available when you need it to be? Your move-in date will make or break some of the rentals you may be interested in. Make sure the timeline matches up with your needs.

Looking for houses to rent near UNC? We would love to help!

Finding the right place to call home is a big deal. We hope to help all our clients find a space that is comfortable and safe. We are committed to making your renting experience top-notch, responding to your needs in a prompt and professional manner, and will go the extra mile to make your college house renting experience from 365 property management wonderful. You can check out our available Greeley rental units and even apply for a rental online. Looking for houses to rent near UNC? Remember, there are many houses for rent in Greeley CO near UNC. We can help you find the right one for you!

Check out what our happy client Jannelle had to say about her experience with us: 

“Amazing staff, you feel right at home the minute you walk into the office, a beautiful welcoming setting. I rented from them in the past many years ago, and now am currently renting from them again. I am very happy with 365 Real Property Management! Susie, Deanna & Bobby you ladies are amazing & all so helpful! Thank you!” 

You can read even more great property rental reviews and hear about the positive experiences our clients have had with us. We were also named as the best property management company in Greeley by We also have an A rating for reputation and an A+ rating for professionalism. Located in Greeley, Colorado, 365RPM can help you with your college house or apartment rental needs right away!

Contact us today so we can get you settled into your new place quickly!

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