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Student Apartments in Greeley

Student Apartments in Greeley

Are you a student in Greeley, looking to find a new place to live? 365 Real Property Management is your go-to spot for finding great student apartments in Greeley. Finding a new apartment can be stressful. It can be difficult to know what to look for when you’re searching for a place to call home. We want to take the stress out of the application process and the search. Let’s take a look at our top things to look for when you’re searching for an apartment. 

8 things to look for in an apartment: 

  1. Location: Is the apartment in a location that will best suit your life? Will you be driving everywhere or is it in a location where you can walk to important locations? Location is everything, make sure it provides the best area and perks for your lifestyle.
  2. Parking: Will you have designated parking? You don’t want to have to park far down the street with arms full of groceries. Find out what the parking situation is before you commit.
  3. Safety: How safe is the area of the apartment, and how safe is the apartment building itself? Make sure to ask what safety features are in place within the building. A good apartment will be up to date on all safety features and will do its best to keep you safe at all times.
  4. Pet Policy: Do you have a furry friend you want to bring along? Make sure you check on the apartment’s pet policy. If they allow pets, find out what pet amenities are included.
  5. Help Availability: Nothing is more frustrating than having an issue in your apartment and not being able to reach anyone for help. Find out if your landlord or property manager is on call. For example, 365 Property Management has 24-hour on-call maintenance staff. 
  6. Damage: Is there damage in the apartment that hasn’t been fixed? Make sure the apartment you’re moving into has everything in working order before moving in.
  7. Amenities: Get familiar with what amenities are available in your apartment community. Looking for specific amenities like a garage or pool? Make a list of exactly what you’re looking for so you can see if the place you’re viewing measures up.
  8. Affordability: How is that apartment priced compared to the other apartments available in the area? The last thing you want to do is overpay. You work hard for your money so affordability is a must.

Let us help you find the best student apartments in Greeley!

Check out our 365 RPM available rental apartments and houses in Greeley, Colorado. You can always search through what we have available on your own time, from the convenience of your device. We pride ourselves on having the best quality rentals possible. We are your trusted real property management company that will provide you with peace of mind and the best apartment rental for you.

Check out what Jessica had to say about her five-star experience with us: 

“We just finished our first full year of having 365 manage a rental property for us. We are incredibly satisfied. They have been great at communicating with us, being attentive and responsive to repairs needed by the tenants, and providing timely and detailed reports and updates. We look forward to continuing on with their services.” 

We were named as the best property management companies in Greeley by We also have an A rating for reputation and an A+ rating for professionalism.  

We know you’re searching for spectacular student apartments in Greeley, and we’ve got you covered! Head over to our website and browse our available listings. You can also fill out an application for the place you’re interested in right on the site. You can also check out more of our wonderful google reviews and hear about the experiences of our happy tenants.

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