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UNCO Off-Campus Apartments

Do your roommates come home at all hours of the night? Do they party a bit too much, or leave a stack of dirty dishes all week long? If you’re at your wit’s end and want to live further from campus, it is a great time to do a Google search for ‘UNCO Off-Campus Apartments’ to find 365 RPM. Call today to learn about our rentals and services: 970-506-0615.


When it’s time to move, search ‘UNCO Off-Campus Apartments’

The more you think about moving off campus, the better this idea becomes. Greeley is home to hundreds of off-campus rentals that are marketed directly at students.  You can live in houses, townhomes, or apartments, on any side of town. And you could also just be looking for a studio to live in your own space on your own schedule. But the harder part is deciding on which management agency you’ll choose. Who can you trust?

At 365RPM, we are a family owned business made up of people who are invested in this community that we call home. Greeley has grown significantly over the years, and it is in the middle of an apartment building boom. As new units come online, it leaves several off-campus options from which to choose. At 365RPM, we are sure to have the right rental for you, whether you want to live alone or with one or more roommates.

What’s more, you have all the amenities you’ll need in close proximity to any new apartment or housing rental you choose. Greeley is home to three grocery stores on the west side, several in the middle, and even one downtown. Not to mention, there are pharmacies on every point on the map, and great places throughout town to eat, find that perfect caramel macchiato or find your favorite clothes or shoes. Greeley is home to several local car washes, and great places to get your hair done – all over town. 

We specialize in UNCO Off-Campus Apartment

If you’ve been in the residence halls too long, venture out.  At 365RPM, our team of real estate management professionals can help you find the perfect off-campus rental in Greeley. We offer 24/7 maintenance through a dedicated team of professionals; you can pay your rent online, and we make sure your rental is safe and functional. You can even apply for a specific rental online

At 365RPM we are a family, we manage homes, condos and apartments throughout Greeley. We have rentals near the University of Northern Colorado, and far away from it as well. Whatever your need is we can get you in the right living situation. We offer so many rental options, you may be surprised. Check out our available units.

Hear from a satisfied 365 RPM tenant, Liz:

“Best, most honest company in Greeley,  hands down! We rented our little spot for a year and a half and had a good experience even when things could have gone bad! Our bathroom floor was rotted out from a leak from a previous tenant and old age, and despite having troubleshoot due the age of the house, they kept us informed, and moved quickly! When repairs to the sewer ended up shutting our water off, the 365 team swooped in to provide us with a place to stay, and compensated us. They were fair, and honest and that is rare to find these days! I would absolutely rent from them again!”

Family-owned 365RPM is conveniently located in Greeley. We not only rent apartments, but homes, and you can count on us to manage your home if you’re off enjoying retirement or traveling for business.

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