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Do you have a property that you need help managing? We are so glad you found 365 Real Property Management for all your Northern Colorado property management needs. We are your trusted property management company, located in Greeley, Colorado. We manage rental properties throughout Northern Colorado so that landlords and tenants have peace of mind with their residences. We take excellent care of our tenants and respond quickly to maintenance requests. We know how important it is to provide both tenants and property owners with the best quality service and care. 

As you’re searching for a property manager for your rental property, you may be wondering what exactly property management companies do. When it comes to renting a property, there are numerous tasks that must be managed either by you or by a company. Hiring a property management company can help reduce the stress of property ownership and potentially improve the profitability of the rental property. You may be wondering, “What does a property management company do?”. We are happy to answer that question for you. Let’s take a deeper look at the main responsibilities of a property management company. These are all things we will do for you when we take over the management of your rental. 

Top 9 responsibilities of a property management company 

  1. Tenant Screening

Property management companies conduct thorough background checks on potential tenants. This process includes verifying employment, checking credit history, and contacting previous landlords to ensure the tenant is reliable and able to pay rent.

  1. Rent Collection

They are responsible for ensuring that rent is paid on time. They also handle late payments, send out pay or quit notices, and enforce the rent policies if payments aren’t received.

  1. Maintenance and Repairs

They handle both routine maintenance and emergency repairs. This could range from landscaping and pest control to plumbing issues and appliance breakdowns. At 365PRM, we have a 24-hour on-call maintenance staff to respond to any issues quickly. 

  1. Property Inspections

Regular property inspections should be carried out to ensure that the property is well-maintained and that there are no unreported issues that could cause damage over time.

  1. Financial Management

Property management companies manage the financial operations of the property. They keep detailed records, including income and expenses, and often provide regular reports to the property owner. 365 RPM employs full-time property management agents and an in-house accountant to handle monthly reconciliation and annual tax filings.

  1. Marketing and Advertising

They market and advertise your property to attract prospective tenants. This might involve online listings, open houses, and networking with other realtors and property management companies.

  1. Tenant Relationship Management

A property management company serves as an intermediary between the landlord and the tenants. They handle complaints, respond to tenant requests, and work to build positive landlord-tenant relationships. At 365 RPM, the tenant relationship is very important to us, which is one of the things that makes us the best Northern Colorado property management company. 

  1. Lease Management

They handle lease negotiations and renewals, ensuring all lease agreements are comprehensive and legally binding. They also enforce the terms of the lease, which may include ensuring rules about pets, modifications to the property, or quiet hours are followed.

  1. Vacancy Filling

When a property becomes vacant, the property management company takes swift action to prepare the unit for the next tenant. This process includes cleaning the property, making necessary repairs or updates, and setting a competitive rental price. They then market the property and screen potential tenants to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. This helps minimize any loss of rental income for the property owner.

365 RPM is your trusted choice for Northern Colorado property management

You have quite a few property management companies to choose from in Northern Colorado. It’s important to remember that not all companies are the same. While the above nine points are things that property management companies should do, that doesn’t mean they do them well. Be sure to do your research when you’re deciding on the best Northern Colorado property management company for you. At 365 Real Property Management, our office is conveniently located in Greeley, Colorado to answer our property owners’ questions by phone, online, or walk-in basis. Our services extend to all of Weld County and Northern Colorado. It’s important to us to make ourselves available to our owners and tenants to support their needs and answer any questions they may have. 

Why is it important to hire a property management company?

You may still be wondering if hiring a property management company is the best choice for you. Hiring a property management company is important for efficient and profitable property ownership, particularly when you own multiple properties, reside far from your rental property, or simply don’t have the time or the expertise to manage it yourself. Companies like 365 RPM  bring a level of professionalism and expertise that can greatly improve your rental business. By handling the day-to-day operations, including tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance, inspections, and more, we make sure your property remains attractive and marketable. We understand and adhere to landlord-tenant laws, reducing the risk of potential legal issues and we build and maintain relationships with tenants, which can lead to lower turnover rates and improved tenant satisfaction. By taking care of these tasks, we can alleviate the stress and time commitment of property ownership, potentially increasing your overall profitability and the value of your investment. 365 RPM is your top choice for Northern Colorado property management.

Take a look at some 5-star reviews from our happy tenants and property owners

“Great team of people, got our family into a home that worked great for us location-wise in town. They were very kind in working with us and very fast getting us through the application process and then moved us in quickly! I look forward to continuing to work with them and thank them immensely for all they have done for us!!! Rhonda and Susie have both been very kind and extremely helpful!” -Cody

“We just finished our first full year of having 365 manage a rental property for us. We are incredibly satisfied. They have been great at communicating with us, being attentive and responsive to repairs needed by the tenants, and provide timely and detailed reports and updates. We look forward to continuing on with their services.” -Jessica

365RPM is your property management expert in Northern Colorado

365RPM was named the best property management company in Greeley by We have an A rating for reputation and an A+ rating for professionalism. Contact us so we can get your property managed as soon as possible. Located in Greeley, CO, we can also help you with your HOA needs. Located in Greeley, CO, we service Weld  County and Northern  Colorado. We are a cut above the rest! Give us a call at 970-506-0615.

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